0.99.1 - Blindsight

With the release of Early Access you played more game-hours of the game in a single day than our entire betatesting team is able to do in a month. You did find some bugs and some crashes, and this is a first release addressing that.

It's really challenging to find a bug when all I have to work with is "game crashes" - I'm flying blind. I did take a long careful look at the codebase and managed to find some potential issues. Since I had no reliable way to check it, I cannot be sure it helped your case - but I certainly hope they did.
Thank you for your patience, and please let me know if you experience any more bugs. I'l do my best to patch them all up shortly.


  • New camera controls, giving you more control over manual zoom and doing better job at showing you where are you going.
  • Game will no longer crash if you return to main menu and re-load the game.
  • Game will not crash if your LIDAR beam hits a asteroid that is just fracturing.
  • Game will not crash if beam weapons (lasers, microwaves) hit asteroids that are fracturing due to reasons unrelated to the hit.
  • Various other checks for rare conditions that could cause crashes.


dv-rings-of-saturn-demo-mac-demo.zip 249 MB
Version 0.99.1 Aug 14, 2019
dv-rings-of-saturn-linux.zip 249 MB
Version 0.99.1 Aug 14, 2019
dv-rings-of-saturn-windows.zip 247 MB
Version 0.99.1 Aug 14, 2019
dv-rings-of-saturn-mac.zip 249 MB
Version 0.99.1 Aug 14, 2019
dv-rings-of-saturn-demo-windows-demo.zip 247 MB
Version 0.99.1 Aug 14, 2019
dv-rings-of-saturn-demo-linux-demo.zip 249 MB
Version 0.99.1 Aug 14, 2019

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