0.49.0 - For Ringalowda!

This release further expands AI of the ships in the game. I refined the mineral-catching behaviour, added excavation logic and fine-tuned all the parameters. Specific changes:

  • AI ships can now dig up the minerals themselves.
  • Ships will now value their life more, abandoning output in grave danger.
  • Fixed amount of propellant in AI controlled ships, so they don't run dry so quickly.
  • Ships will now return to the station when they are low on propellant.
  • AI will no longer use all the power just for defense, leaving them drifting helplessly.


dv-rings-of-saturn-demo-mac-demo.zip 204 MB
Version 0.49.0 67 days ago
dv-rings-of-saturn-demo-windows-demo.zip 201 MB
Version 0.49.0 67 days ago
dv-rings-of-saturn-demo-linux-demo.zip 203 MB
Version 0.49.0 67 days ago

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