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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Hard sci-fi, top-down space simulator, with every aspect backed up by real physics and science. · By Koder


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0.90.0 - P for Performance
This is performance enchantment release. Changes: Performance improvements all over the board. Adjusted physical properties of the excavator, so it's not so bou...
6 files — 0.90.0
0.89.0 - Invisible Hand
This is a community-driven update. Changes in Mineral Market were made in tight feedback-loop with our players, with rapid iteration until we reaches mineral ma...
6 files — 0.89.0
0.88.2 - Delta-V
This release is a content patch. Changes: You can now buy new thrusters for your ship. Added 4 new upgrades. Added 30 minutes of storyline, including a boss fig...
6 files — 0.88.2
0.87.0 - Division Zero
This release improves artificial intelligence controlling the non-player ships. Changes: Faction will now look after it's members. Tow ships will now communicat...
5 files — 0.87.0
0.86.0 - Turn me On
This is enhancement and re-balance release. Changes: You can disable individual ship systems on OMS screen now. Reactor leaks re-balanced again. Game logs now c...
6 files — 0.86.0
0.85.0 - Vilcy
This is a content and story release. Changes: Additional 1 hour of story. New faction. AI ships can have custom paint now. Tuned the performance for multiple AI...
6 files — 0.85.0
0.84.2 - Nanoimpact
This is a polishing release. Changelog: Improved performance of in-game physics. Clarified parts of tutorial. MAD CERF can be armed now.
6 files — 0.84.2
0.83.0 - Credits Due
This release adds credits roll and fixes bugs. Changelog: Added credits roll. Upgrade shop now uses icons for buy / view operations. They don't obscure names of...
6 files — 0.83.0
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