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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Hard sci-fi, top-down space simulator, with every aspect backed up by real physics and science. · By Koder


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0.118.5 - Incremental Damage
This is a polishing release, improving some aspects of the game and fixing a bunch of bugs. Changes: Your funds are now displayed in the dialog screen. Added mo...
6 files — 0.118.5
0.117.2 - For the Swarm
This release adds new category of upgrades - the disposable nanodrone systems. You can outfit your system with fabricator of laser-powered swarms of palm sized...
6 files — 0.117.2
0.115.4 - Barrel Roll
This is a polishing release. Changes: You can now disable gamepad / HOTAS input in settings. Fixed a bug that could cause game to become unresponsive when multi...
6 files — 0.115.4
0.115.2 - Wax On, Wax Off
This is a polishing release, fixing up some small, annoying bugs. Changelog: Fixed display of the tutorial messages. Changing HUD size mid-flight won't cause yo...
6 files — 0.115.2
0.115.0 - The Immortal Words
This release brings two important changes. Most significantly, it replaces the engine which runs the game to a custom version with important upgrades to stabili...
6 files — 0.115.0
​October ahead
What can you expect this month? September changes were all about on-boarding new players. I released 6 new versions (and numerous patched) that added new comms...
0.111.1 - Shot First
This release aims to improve combat experience. It improves Smart Camera, and combat AI, introduces a new option to disable the smart camera, tweaks in the AI (...
6 files — 0.111.1
0.110.5 - The Deadlock
This is a bugfix release. Bugs fixed: Having a system that's as much damaged as it can be repaired will no-longer cause you to be unable to pass inspection. Dia...
6 files — 0.110.5